Over the past week, the rate of the native token of the liquidity protocol has risen by 32%

RUNE token price rose by 13% after the launch of the THORChain mainnet

24.06.2022 - 15:10


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What’s new? On June 23, the developers of THORChain, a multi-chain liquidity protocol, announced the launch of the mainnet, following which the price of the platform’s native token RUNE rose by 13,29%. As of June 24, 13:50 UCT, the asset is trading at $2,25, according to cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

Information on the launch of the THORChain mainnet

What is known about the mainnet? According to a statement on the project’s blog, from its inception in 2018 until now, THORChain has been largely a research project. The launch of the mainnet “marks the achievement of a fully functional, feature-rich protocol with a large ecosystem and strong community,” the developers noted.

To celebrate the launch of the mainnet, the THORChain team unveiled a joint initiative with Binance called Rune in a Million Campaign, which involves distributing 1 million RUNE to users of the cryptocurrency exchange.

The native token RUNE was released on the BNB Chain and Ethereum networks. With the launch of the mainnet, the support for assets on these blockchains “will slowly be phased out.” The holders of BNB.RUNE and ETH.RUNE tokens have been advised to exchange for native tokens. Crypto exchanges Binance, Kraken, Coinspot, and Swyftx have already indicated their willingness to list Native RUNE.

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