The giveaway is open to the project’s first users, early community members, and developers, including the entire Ethereum ecosystem

Starknet will hold an airdrop among 1,3 million users on February 20

14.02.2024 - 15:08


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What’s new? The Starknet Foundation, a non-profit organization created to support the blockchain of the same name, will hold an airdrop of more than 700 million native tokens STRK among 1,3 million addresses on February 20. According to the foundation, several categories of users can claim their rights to the coins until June 20. The STRK airdrop aims to reward the network’s first users, early community members, and developers, including the entire Ethereum ecosystem. Users can check eligibility for the giveaway on the Starknet Provisions website.

Starknet’s blog

What else is known? Airdrop is the first round of the Starknet Provisions initiative, with 900 million STRK allocated. The total amount of tokens allocated to meet community needs is 1,8 billion tokens (representing 18% of the total STRK issued).

Those who have made five or more transactions in three or more separate months totaling at least $100 and had 0,005 ETH or more in their wallet before November 15, 2023, can participate in the airdrop.

Starknet is a Layer 2 (L2) network based on the Ethereum blockchain, launched in November 2021, it provides faster transaction processing speeds and low fees. The project is a ZK-Rollup, it is a scaling solution for the mainnet using zero-knowledge proof technology. Starknet combines multiple transactions into a single packet and transmits it to the mainnet for validation.

In early October, STRK’s first unlocking was pushed back to April 2024. The total supply is 10 billion coins, the asset is currently not traded on exchanges. In October 2023, Starknet distributed 50 million STRK to early adopters of the network.

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