The Federation Council is already analyzing the risks and opportunities of introducing new tools

​The Federation Council has assessed the prospects for the cryptocurrency market in Russia

22.11.2021 - 11:00


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What’s new? Yelena Perminova, First Deputy Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Budget and Financial Markets, in a conversation with the URA.RU agency reported that in the near future the authorities will take more serious measures against the owners of cryptocurrencies

Perminova's conversation with URA.RU

“Cryptocurrencies today are like on a swing – up and down. Probably, there is a future for them, probably there will be something. But I don’t see them as the official currency in the government’s settlements yet,” Perminova added.

What is the senator's opinion? She noted that although digital assets have a future, bitcoin cannot be recognized as a means of payment. The Federation Council is already analyzing the risks and prospects of introducing new tools, as well as studying the movement of cryptocurrencies in the financial market. The senators will soon present their plan to increase transparency in the industry.

How do the government representatives treat digital assets? Among bitcoin opponents, Central Bank Governor Elvira Nabiullina has a serious stance. She has a negative attitude towards BTC and holds the view that the regulator does not recognize this asset as a means of payment. However, State Duma deputy Andrei Lugovoy suggested legalizing cryptocurrency mining. He stated that an appropriate bill has already been drafted.

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