The new structure will counteract cybercriminals and their support services

​The US Department of Justice has opened a vacancy for the head of the anti-money laundering group in cryptocurrency

30.10.2021 - 08:05


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What's new? The US Department of Justice has begun selecting candidates to head the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement team. The new unit will counteract cybercriminals and their support services. This is stated in the vacancy description.

The US Department of Justice vacancy description

What are the requirements for a candidate? The head of the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement team will be responsible for investigating crimes in this area. His duties will also include the prosecution of such cases. In addition, a suitable candidate will become the head of the Department to reduce the use of cryptocurrency as a criminal tool.

The employee is expected to lead “a team of experienced prosecutors” and will also cooperate closely with the prosecutor's office, investigative authorities and regulators. The salary offered for this position will range from $144 128 to $172 500 per year, depending on the applicant's experience.


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