Alexey Pertsev’s wife reported that the judge rejected the appeal, ignoring all arguments in favor of his innocence

Tornado Cash developer to stay in custody until the end of November

02.10.2022 - 07:30


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What’s new? The Dutch court will keep in jail Tornado Cash crypto mixer developer Alexey Pertsev, who was arrested in August on charges of facilitating money laundering, until at least November 22. The developer’s wife Ksenia Malik told The Block. She specified that the court rejected Pertsev’s appeal, ignoring all arguments. Malik also suggested that the Dutch authorities are “afraid that Alex will return to Russia.”

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More details about the situation. The developer’s wife also reported that Dutch law enforcement authorities seized Pertsev’s car and are going to sell it at auction. It is likely that other property of the developer will also be seized.

Pertsev was arrested on August 10, two days after the US Department of Justice put Tornado Cash on the sanctions list. According to the agency, the mixer was used to launder cryptocurrencies stolen through hacks, including those organized by North Korean hackers.

On August 20, a rally was held in Amsterdam against the arrest of the crypto mixer’s developer. Participants said that Pertsev is not responsible for the use of open source code by others.

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