According to the DefiLlama service, TVL stands at $110,23 billion by the end of May, in January the figure was at the level of $236,65 billion

Total value locked in DeFi fell by 47% since the beginning of the year

30.05.2022 - 12:20


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What’s new? The total TVL in the field of decentralized finance has decreased by 46,5% since the beginning of the year. This is evidenced by the data by the DefiLlama service. The total TVL as of May 30 stands at $110,23 billion. On January 1, 2022, this figure was at the level of $236,65 billion.

The full data on the DefiLlama website

TVL (Total Value Locked) is the total amount of funds locked in smart contracts and providing liquidity. The figure shows how much investors have invested in a particular project, pool, or the field of decentralized finance as a whole at the current time.

What other data has been published? According to DefiLlama, the leader in DeFi in terms of TVL volume is MakerDAO ($9,75 billion), followed by Curve ($8,73 billion), rounding out the top three is AAVE ($8,71 billion).

What events happened before? Blockchain analytics company Chainalysis released a tool called Storyline to analyze DeFi and NFT transactions. With it, a timeline of interactions can be built that displays the movement of specific tokens.

In the first four months of 2022, $1,67 billion was stolen from DeFi protocols. According to a report by the cybersecurity company CertiK, the largest amount stolen during March was $719,2 million. The figure for that month surpassed the total losses from hacking for all of 2020 by $200 million.


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