The largest transaction was 14 999,87 ETH, according to Etherscan

TRON founder buys $33 million worth of ETH in four days

02.09.2022 - 08:00


2 min

What’s new? The CEO of the TRON blockchain platform Justin Sun bought 20 633 ETH ($32,8 million at the current rate) between August 29 and September 1. According to Etherscan, the largest transaction was recorded on September 1 and amounted to 14 999,87 ETH ($23,84 million). As of September 2, 07:40 UTC, ETH is trading at $1596, having gained 3,56% per day, according to data from crypto exchange Binance.

Etherscan’s data

What is known about Sun? He is a Chinese cryptocurrency entrepreneur who founded the blockchain TRON in 2017. He is also the CEO of BitTorrent, a torrent client. He is known for winning an auction for the right to dine with billionaire and investor Warren Buffett, and giving him a bitcoin during the meeting. Sun paid $4,57 million for the meeting.

On August 13, Sun came under the Aave protocol blocking because of a 0,1 ETH deposit from the sanctioned crypto mixer Tornado Cash. After the US authorities banned Tornado Cash, an unknown person sent 0,1 ETH to more than 440 addresses using the service. The asset, in addition to Sun, was received by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong and centralized crypto exchanges such as Binance and FTX. Sun later reported that his access to the protocol had been restored.

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