Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles is currently in development for PC

Ubisoft announces its first Oasys blockchain game

30.06.2023 - 08:20


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What’s new? French game studio Ubisoft has announced its first Web 3.0 game, called Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, which will be launched on the Oasys blockchain. The project was unveiled at the Japan Blockchain Week event sponsored by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.

What else is known? Ubisoft describes Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles as an experimental “PVP tactical RPG” currently in development for PC.

Few details are given about the game, with the website saying that players will “assemble a team of mythical champions, engage in thrilling tactical battles against other players and discover the legends of the dark and mystical world of Grimoria”.

What is known about blockchain? The launch of the mainnet of the gaming blockchain took place on October 25 last year. Oasys is multi-layered and compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The development company completed a $21 million funding round in December.

In January, Oasys announced that it would convert its Singapore-registered company into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This will transfer the power to manage the network to OAS native token holders and avoid “the risk of centralization,” the developers noted. The company also announced plans to list on Japan’s Bitbank crypto exchange.

Huobi announces partnership with Gala Games

Huobi announces partnership with Gala Games

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As of June 30, 07:30 UTC, OAS is trading at $0,067705, having added 1,9% per day, according to aggregator CoinGecko.

In February, Japanese financial conglomerate SoftBank became a validator of Oasys and began exploring ways to expand its collaboration, including developing blockchain-based services.

In December 2021, Ubisoft and blockchain the Tezos blockchain launched a beta version of the Quartz platform for trading in-game items in the format of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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