Patients will be able to visit a doctor, get a consultation, talk to the staff and watch dental hygiene videos

UK dentistry bought plot in the metaverse for virtual practice

31.05.2022 - 14:35


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What’s new? The Dental Design Studio, a British dental practice chain, has bought a plot in The Sandbox metaverse. Although patients can not get real dental work done, the company sees prospects for its existence in The Sandbox. The company plans to put interactive images of its offices on the plot. In the metaverse, patients will be able to visit a dentist, get a consultation, talk to the staff and watch dental hygiene videos. Users can create their own avatars and even customize their appearance, right down to their teeth, BeInCrypto reports. 

Information on the BeInCrypto website

What are the benefits of a virtual clinic? The company’s representatives note that it will be more convenient to conduct online courses and lectures on dentistry to attract an international audience with the metaverse. Co-founder Dr. Jeff Sherer noted:

“We got the idea to create a group of dental practices in the metaverse – giving patients the chance to experience the dentist in a different way. Through the magic of virtual reality, they can sit in a dental chair and activate interactive content teaching them how to take care of their teeth in a better way.”

What events happened before? On February 5, US residents Ryan and Candice Hurley held a wedding ceremony in the Decentraland metaverse. It was the first wedding to take place in blockchain-based virtual reality.

In mid-February, Mingout, an Indian online dating platform, had the idea of introducing its metaverse for virtual dating after the first virtual reality marriage ceremony.

In late April, the car manufacturer Toyota began using the metaverse as a remote workspace for some departments and subsidiaries.


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