A film about an anonymous bitcoin creator will be funded through the Avalanche-based platform Republic

White Paper Films to make a film about Satoshi Nakamoto

17.08.2022 - 14:55


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What’s new? White Paper Films has announced the start of work on a documentary about anonymous bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto called “I Am Not Satoshi.” It will be directed by Christopher Cannucciari, who directed “Banking on Bitcoin” (2016). The Nakamoto film will be financed through the Avalanche-based investment platform Republic, using the Film Finance Offering (FFO) mechanism developed by Ava Labs.

Information on the White Paper Films website

What is known about the film? The full-length film will tell the story of the search for Nakamoto, who disappeared without a trace shortly after the launch of bitcoin. The film will highlight some theories from the crypto community about the person or group of people who developed the first cryptocurrency. In addition, the film will explore why some believe Satoshi should remain anonymous.

“Experts and witnesses will help us understand the events leading up to and following Satoshi's disappearance. Our goal is to tell this story before it becomes a myth,” Cannucciari said.

In June, Darkhorse Studios announced the start of production on the world's first film funded entirely with a FilmCoin token (FLIKS). The film, called Tales From The Trap, will focus on stories of wars between drug trafficking gangs.

In July, crypto exchange Coinbase released an animated film based on the NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). The first part of The Degen Trilogy was titled Run The Chain.

In August, Netflix began a collaboration with the Decentraland metaverse. It recreated a landscape from the movie “The Gray Man” starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans — a labyrinth that requires users to know the movie’s plot in order to complete it.

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