The platform, like the OpenSea marketplace, suffered as a result of the actions of an employee of the mailing service

Celsius customer data leaked

29.07.2022 - 10:30


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What’s new? Representatives of Celsius, a bankrupt DeFi platform, have reported a leak of personal user data. It is clarified that an employee of the mailing list service, whose services the platform used, passed a list of email addresses of its customers to a “third-party bad actor.” Celsius does not view the incident as a serious threat to users but warns of possible phishing attacks. The company also filed a complaint with law enforcement about and the incident as a “severe violation of vendor-client relations,” The Block reports.

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How did events develop? Celsius was the victim of the same data breach as the OpenSea NFT marketplace. Initially, denied that the data of the lending protocol had been stolen by an unscrupulous employee, but later discovered this leak as well. In their statement, they indicated that his actions resulted in leaks of user data of four other unnamed customers of the service.

Representatives of the service also noted that the attacker had no access to other data of the company’s customers other than email.’s employee, who held the position of senior engineer, was fired immediately after the incident, and information about him was handed over to law enforcement agencies.

In March, representatives of BlockFi, a crypto lending platform, also reported customer data leaks. The incident occurred because one of its third-party providers, Hubspot, was hacked.


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