There are no European and Japanese divisions in the list of companies eligible for the claims

​FTX customers have until September 29 to submit claims to the exchange

29.06.2023 - 13:40


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What’s new? Customers of crypto exchange FTX and its affiliates have until September 29 to file claims in the bankruptcy case and vote on the restructuring plan. According to the court order, creditors must specify the type of asset (cryptocurrency, fiat, or non-fungible tokens) and the dollar amount of the claims in their petitions. All customers will be emailed a link to the claims portal.

Court order

What else is known? Notably, FTX Europe and Japan, which maintained segregated accounts, are not on the list of debtor companies that can be claimed. FTX Japan resumed withdrawals for local clients through the Liquid Japan platform on February 21, and FTX.EU launched the withdrawal application site in March.

According to a report from new FTX CEO John J. Ray, the exchange owed customers about $8,7 billion and recovered about $7 billion in liquid assets as of June 26.

On June 28, Ray announced that FTX is bringing in partners to relaunch the global platform through a joint venture.

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