The hack occurred after a charity auction where a ticket to go to a bar with the actor was raffled off

Hackers stole $186 000 in cryptocurrency from Bill Murray’s wallet

03.09.2022 - 09:00


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What’s new? Unknown people withdrew 119,2 ETH (about $186 000) from actor Bill Murray’s wallet. According to CoinDesk, the hack occurred a few hours after the auction closed, at which a ticket in the form of an NFT to go to a bar with the actor was put up. The hacker also attempted to steal 800 of Murray’s personal non-fungible tokens. Celebrity’s wallet security team from Project Venkman managed to prevent the NFT theft and has already transferred the actor’s tokens to another secure address.

CoinDesk’s material

How did events develop? According to Murray’s team, the attacker sent the stolen funds to a wallet address tied to the Binance crypto exchange. The actor already filed a police report and is working with crypto analytics firm Chainalysis to bring the attacker to justice.

Meanwhile, the user who came in second place in the auction sent 120 ETH to Murray’s charity to reimburse the stolen funds.

In addition to Bill Murray, there are other actors who are interested in the NFT theme. In January, musician Ozzy Osbourne released his CryptoBatz NFT collection of 9666 tokens that can be combined with each other.

In May, American musician and producer Kanye West filed 17 trademark applications, including those related to NFTs. Also, American actor and comedian Martin Lawrence announced the release of his own NFT collection of 30 non-fungible tokens on the Cardano blockchain.

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