Token holders will get exclusive access to content in the manufacturer’s online space

Hyundai launches NFT membership program

18.07.2022 - 09:45


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What’s new? South Korean automaker Hyundai has unveiled IONIQ Citizenship, an NFT-based membership program for owners of its new electric car model, IONIQ 6. The collection consists of 5000 automatically generated tokens of varying rarity, on which the level of access to exclusive Web 3.0 content in Planet Hyundai, the digital space in the Zepeto metaverse, depends.

Hyundai’s press release

What else is known about the project? Program participants will be able to collect customized phone cases with a gift card, Casetify. In the near future, the manufacturer plans to open IONIQ Digital Garage, a virtual event space in which the owners of the non-fungible tokens can participate.

In April, Hyundai entered into a partnership agreement with the Meta Kongz project to create an NFT collection dedicated to Korea’s first production and export auto, the 1975 Pony.


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