The decision was made as part of the new draft law on emergency situations

Moldovan authorities ban mining to save electricity

26.10.2022 - 10:30


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What’s new? The Commission for Exceptional Situations of the Republic of Moldova has banned cryptocurrency mining in the country as part of energy conservation. According to Point, a complete ban on the import of mining equipment, including for Moldovan citizens, has also been imposed. In addition, the law restricts the operation of street lighting, water supply, and heating installations.

Point’s material

What happened before? The European Commission proposed to ban cryptocurrency mining in case of power problems. The EU member states should be prepared to instantly stop mining in case of excessive load. Energy efficiency labels for various blockchains should also be developed.

In August, the Norwegian miner Kryptovault announced the transfer of capacity beyond the Arctic Circle due to rising electricity prices. In July, the Swedish Ministry of Energy announced that the miners would be provided with electricity on a residual basis.


Vasiliy Smirnov Vasiliy Smirnov

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