The project is a virtual showroom of digital innovations and technologies, combined with the gaming space

M.Video is the first in Russia to open an electronics store in the metaverse

01.09.2022 - 15:15


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What’s new? M.Video, a brand specializing in e-commerce and retail of home appliances, was the first Russian retailer to launch a store in the Roblox metaverse. The project is a virtual showroom of digital innovations and technologies, combined with the gaming space. According to the company's website, the launch was timed to coincide with the beginning of the academic year.

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What does the virtual store look like? The showroom is modeled on the existing retail outlets of the chain and painted in the brand colors, it combines several locations. For example, in the virtual store users can take part in the game "M.Racing". Its aim is to bring the goods to the cash desk within 60 seconds. You can take part in the game an unlimited number of times. The winner can get bonus points and spend them in the real world.

Vasily Bolshakov, director of marketing and digital experience of M. Video-Eldorado Group client, noted that Roblox already has digital copies of offices and stores of world-famous brands.

“Creating our “universe”, we aimed not only to keep up with innovations, as one of the leaders in tech retail, but also to show that preparing for the school season can turn from an annual routine into a fun and exciting adventure.”

What is known about Roblox? It's an online gaming platform founded in 2004 in San Mateo. The company develops games for smartphones and game consoles, and users can create their own games on the platform. As of October 2021, Roblox had more than 226 million monthly active users.

In early August, Netflix entered into a partnership with the Decentraland metaverse to promote the action movie “The Gray Man,” as well as explore interactive ways for the brand to communicate with fans virtually. Decentraland recreated a landscape from the movie, a labyrinth, which requires users to know the film's plot in order to pass.

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