At the same time, none of the respondents reported any plans to reduce investments

NASDAQ: 86% of the US financial advisers to increase crypto investments over the next year

11.04.2022 - 16:20


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What’s new? The NASDAQ stock exchange surveyed 500 financial advisers in the United States who are already investing or considering investing in cryptocurrencies. Among advisers already investing in cryptocurrencies, 86% plan to increase their investments over the next 12 months, while none of the respondents reported any plans to reduce their investments. Of the same group, 50% are already using bitcoin futures ETFs, and 28% plan to start using them in the next 12 months. 72% of advisers would be more likely to invest clients’ assets in cryptocurrencies if a spot ETF product was traded in the US.

Survey results from NASDAQ

What are the results of the survey? Advisers who are already investing in cryptocurrencies or are considering doing so stated that their ideal allocation of cryptocurrencies is 6% of a client’s total portfolio. Some 69% are considering index funds to cover a wider range of investment instruments, such as sector funds (57%), actively managed funds (52%), individual digital assets (40%), and high-yield funds (31%).

Around 10% of advisers report being well knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies and 9% feel confident in their ability to advise clients on cryptocurrencies. Almost all of the advisers surveyed (98%) expressed an interest in learning more about cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

What is known about NASDAQ? It is a stock exchange that specializes in stocks of high-tech companies. It is the second-largest stock exchange in the world.


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