The AI also announced its Sophia’s Age of Singularities metaverse

Sophia the Robot released her own NFT collection

01.06.2022 - 12:10


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What’s new? Sophia the Robot has released its own NFT collection called Baby Singularities of 10 different tokens generated by artificial intelligence. NFT holders will have access to Sophia’s Discord channel. Also, the project description on the OpenSea NFT marketplace says that there will soon be a new Sophia’s Age of Singularities (SAOS) metaverse for AI training.

The Baby Singularities collection

More details about the new metaverse. It is a project in the genre of science fiction, the events in the virtual world will unfold “when machines begin to awaken.” Initially, the developers will create a small gameplay and trading platform, which will later evolve into “a full-blown environment and API for games to integrate into the multiverse.”

More details about Sophia the Robot. The AI was created by Hong Kong-based Hansen Robotics in 2016. The robot is programmed to learn how to communicate and interact with people. Sophia frequently appears at international exhibitions and conferences. In 2017, the robot spoke at the UN. In March 2021, the AI sold its own drawing in the form of an NFT for $688 800.

What happened before? In December 2021, Sophia the Robot auctioned off 20 intelligent non-fungible tokens (iNFT) with its anime image. The auction took place on the Binance platform as part of the launch of the new Noah's Ark metaverse. iNFTs can interact with the user in real-time in a gaming environment.

It was also previously reported that Copilot, an AI code writing assistant developed by OpenAI and GitHub, learned to pick up private keys from existing crypto wallets. One of the developers said that the algorithm suddenly started suggesting something similar to a private key. When checked it turned out that this data was indeed associated with a real address.

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