According to the SSU, most of the criminals' clients were hackers who attacked cryptocurrency exchanges around the world

The authorities of Ukraine and the United States have arrested criminals laundering money through bitcoins

01.11.2021 - 15:00


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What's new? The security services of Ukraine and the United States have jointly exposed a criminal group that, according to preliminary data, laundered money using cryptocurrencies. Criminals also sold malicious software to steal BTC all over the world.

Information on the SSU website

What do the departments’ representatives say? In their statement, the Security Service of Ukraine reported that cybercriminals had found their clients on the Dark Web using fictitious names and fake online ids to disguise their identity. The SSU stopped the activities of the criminal group and was able to seize malicious software and hardware, cash and computer equipment.

“The investigators are analyzing the obtained evidence to bring to justice all those involved, including beneficiaries from abroad.” the ministry stated in the message.

Who was involved in the criminals’ search? The operation to detain criminals was conducted under the leadership of the The SSU Cyber Security Department and the US security services together with the National Police of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General's Office.

As previously stated, Ukraine had legalized digital currencies, but made it clear that they are not considered a means of payment. The law is aimed at overcoming the fine line between legalizing bitcoin and preventing its use for illegal purposes.

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