The reward per block decreased from 2,49 to 2,3097 DASH

​Halving on the Dash network was successful

23.06.2023 - 10:00


3 min

What’s new? On June 23, the network of the Dash anonymous cryptocurrency had a halving at the block height of 1 892 161. The reward to miners per mined block decreased from 2,49 to 2,3097 coins. The current difficulty of altcoin mining is 125,47 M and the hashrate is 3,38 PH/s. As of 09:10 UTC, DASH is trading at $34,73 on crypto exchange Binance, having gained 1,7% per day and 16% per week, according to aggregator CoinGecko.

Dash Blockchain Explorer

What happened before? On May 23, Dash resumed block mining after a technical glitch during the activation of the Dash Core v19 upgrade. The upgrade, which includes a number of improvements to fix bugs and is mandatory for all nodes, was activated on May 22.

DASH is among the cryptocurrencies that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) classified as a security as part of lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase exchanges. In this regard, broker eToro announced the delisting of the asset for US clients.

On June 26 Binance delisted all anonymous cryptocurrencies, including DASH, for users in France, Italy, Spain, and Poland due to local legal requirements.

Халвинг биткоина: причины, последствия для рынка и влияние на майнеров

Халвинг биткоина: причины, последствия для рынка и влияние на майнеров

Объясняем простым языком, что такое халвинг биткоина, почему он произойдет в 2024 году и зачем за этим событием нужно пристально следить

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On the Litecoin network, halving is expected on ~5 August, according to Neovesting. The reward will drop from 12,5 to 6,25 LTC. On June 1, analysts at Santiment attributed a 6,5% increase in LTC value per day to the event. In addition, the volume of transactions with the asset reached its highest level since May 13, 2021, and the activity of large investors was at its highest since January 26 this year.

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