It seeks to add the first cryptocurrency to the list of instruments considered legal tender

​Arizona introduced bill to recognize bitcoin as official tender

29.01.2022 - 07:55


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What’s new? Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has presented a document proposing to make bitcoin an official means of payment. In her opinion, the ability to transact and store funds in cryptocurrency will be a plus for the state and its citizens.

Link to the bill

What is the essence of the bill? It aims to include the first cryptocurrency in the list of instruments considered legal tender and make it an official medium of exchange. This will allow citizens to pay debts, government fees, taxes, and duties, as well as receive their salaries in bitcoins. The bill refers specifically to the BTC and not cryptocurrency in general.

Who else is in favor of adopting the BTC as a means of payment? Similar sentiments are emerging in Texas. Gubernatorial candidate Don Huffines stated he will try to make bitcoin legal tender in the state if he wins the election. He said Texas should stop the federal government from shutting down the industry and discriminating against BTC holders.


Tatiana Darda Tatiana Darda

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