According to the writer, cryptocurrencies will be the leading asset type after the “transformation of the world order”

Robert Kiyosaki calls for buying cryptocurrencies amid the crash of the economy

13.09.2022 - 15:20


2 min

What’s new? Robert Kiyosaki, an American entrepreneur and author of the bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” urged his readers in an e-mail newsletter to buy cryptocurrencies. In his opinion, this should be done amid the impending crash of all markets combined with the decline of the economic system. Kiyosaki noted that the collapse “will lead to a transformation of the current world order, and cryptocurrencies have a chance to emerge victorious.”

What else does Kiyosaki say? The writer cited the news of a partnership between investment firm BlackRock and cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase as evidence of the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies. He noted that the institutionalization of digital assets by shadowy Wall Street players and the US government also points to the need to explore the field as soon as possible.

At the end of August, Kiyosaki said that the big crisis had already arrived and that now was the time to get rich by buying assets at discounted prices.

At the end of March, he said that he preferred bitcoin to precious metals so as not to suffer losses as a result of inflation. Later, Kiyosaki predicted a collapse of the dollar amid an unstable geopolitical situation and urged people to buy more gold, silver and cryptocurrencies. At the end of June, he said he expected the price of bitcoin to drop to $1100.

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